Jolly Plate Featured on Front Page of Ludington Daily News

“A Jolly Good Meal: The Jolly Plate Opens for Business”


If you missed us in yesterday’s Ludington Daily News, make sure to go check out the front page of the 18th’s paper where the Jolly Plate has been featured in it’s very own article!


Read some quotes with more story sharing from our owner, Kim Babcock, about her dreams and ideas behind the creation of the jolly, cozy, home-style restaurant environment she made into a reality here at Jolly Plate.


We are ecstatic and grateful that the community has shown such positive feedback with the opening of Jolly Plate, and we are getting just as much enjoyment being able to serve you all. We couldn’t ask for better friends and guests to be given the opportunity to serve. It is thanks to all of you and your support that Kim’s endeavor was able to come to fruition as beautifully as it has.❤️🍽️👩‍🍳


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