Charity Tree

Originally, our dining room’s colorful tree wall painting project started just as a fun aesthetic for our restaurant. But the gaze grabbing, sizable art piece was decidedly going to be given a greater purpose in our restaurant. Thus, from this idea, we dubbed it the “Charity Tree.”

We believe the Charity Tree will be a fun and effective way to bring attention to important local causes and efforts. When you come visit the Jolly Plate, you may donate a dollar or more towards the local charity that we have chosen to promote. In turn, you can sign your name on a paper leaf which will then be hung upon the Charity Tree. As more people donate, the tree will become more beautifully filled with colorful leaves, or possibly other decorations (hint hint!). In addition to raising money for charity, this will hopefully help to increase awareness of various charitable efforts and causes as well, using the tree’s attention getting aesthetic as a means to do so.


In the Charity Tree’s premiere performance in the Jolly Plate, we have chosen to promote the Lakeshore Food Club! All donations made at Jolly Plate will go towards the food club and donators will be able to have their signed, fall-themed leaf displayed on the Charity Tree. Already the tree is speckled with many red, yellow, and orange leaves thanks to our amazing customers! We want to encourage everyone to get involved with this visual, interactive charity effort and see if we can fill every branch with charity leaves for the Lakeshore Food Club!



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